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Join Color Management Group Consultants for an amazing learning experience! Learn from the pros how to implement the best color management, workflow and automation practices for your company! 





Who Should Attend:

  • Color and color management staff
  • Digital print and production professionals
  • Digital printer, press and machine operators
  • Prepress, production art, pre-media and design personnel
  • Company owners, customer service and sales representatives



Dates and Topics of Webinars:

09/14/23  @1pm EST Proofing for Packaging: Proofing can be an incredible tool in the packaging workflow. In this webinar Ron Ellis will go over how proofing fits into the packaging workflow, and ways you can use proofs to save time, money, and improve your process. We will cover types of proofs, how much they cost to make, and what it takes to makes your own proofs. While proofs are great we will also cover some of the things that proofs don’t do well.

  • Types of proofers
  • How to use Proofers to save time and money
  • RIPs and proofing
  • Dangers and things to stay away from

@1pm EST Print Ready Files for Packaging: Good files mean smooth sailing during the packaging production process. Not only are they easier to work on, but a print ready files saves time and money. In this webinar Ron Ellis will discuss what it takes to make a print ready file, and how you can build better files. We will cover common best practices for file creation, as well as tools and applications that help when creating a print ready file.

  • Why the print ready file is Important
  • The print production workflow and the print ready file
  • How a print ready file is made
  • Tools and applications for checking print ready files


09/27/23  @1pm EST A.C.T. to Maximize your Business and Human Potential – Automation, Color Management and Training are Essential to Successful Printing: In today's staffing environment automating workflow and color management are simple and efficient ways to streamline your production without increasing the workload on your staff. The ability of your staff to productively hit accurate and consistent color across multiple devices and substrates can be the game-changer for taking on more work and maximizing your business and human potential. Join leading industry consultants Meredith Nichols, Kyle Hargrove and Jason Tempestini to learn how to benefit from cutting-edge technology, software, and services to improve workflows, target color and refine deliverables. 

  • Improve and Automate Workflow
  • Manage color across multiple devices and substrates
  • Maximize your business and human potential
  • Streamline Production