Just Normlicht - Color Proof Station 3B - 40"x28"


Get a grip on proof and final print
For decades JUST Normlicht Color Proof Stations have been the classic tool for printers, and for good reason. All JUST Normlicht Color Proof Stations include a lighting technology which has set standards for years. Available in 4 print format sizes and with many different configurations available it is a product that is sure to satisfy the requirements of any color matching application. 
An asymmetrical proof light eliminates glare and shadows on the viewing surface and with the duplex design light is cast on the rear wall and the work surface for simultaneous comparisons of proof to press sheets.
The base cabinet is available in 3 standard versions and the light is equipped with JUST daylight 5000 proGraphic tubes for ISO 3664 : 2000 compliance. Optional: 6500 Kelvin tubes.
• Base cabinet (part #8995): 1 shelf, 1 drawer (4.75"), 1 door• Base cabinet (part #9092): 1 shelf, 3 drawers (1.25"), 1 door• Base cabinet (part #9126): 1 shelf, 12 drawers (1.25")
• Illumination of work surface and rear wall for printing size 28 x 40 inches

• Outside cabinet dimensions: 47.5" W x 36" D
• Worksurface dimensions: 45" W x 30" D
• Optional Side walls


Just Normlicht - Color Proof Station 3B - 40