TotalColor (Spectro LFP Series 3) OPEN BOX




 Automated spectrophotometer

Please note that this is an open box unit (never used).

Caldera TotalColor is the ultimate and most complete solution for color management and profiling.

TotalColor’s automatized table measures media both opaque and transparent with a changeable measuring aperture of 2 and 6 mm (8mm fixed aperture for textiles) for high and low resolution prints, with plain or structured face. The TotalColor table has the ability to read materials up to 20mm thick.

The TotalColor solution can be used for :

  • Creation of ICC profiles for digital output devices for most different materials (both reflective and transparent)
  • Linearization of digital output devices
  • Single measurements of logo colours (Pantone) with subsequent check of the colour-true printing
  • Use as a densitometer to determine density values for films and papers

Technical characteristics

  • For transparent and reflective media
  • Able to measure heavy and thick materials
  • Measuring aperture switchable from 2, 6 and 8mm
  • The following materials printed on large format inkjet-printers can be measured automatically: textiles, glass, backlit film, papers, vinyl, cardboards, plastic plates, gypsum plates, wood, stone and ceramic plates.
  • Extremely high measuring precision and repeatability
  • Compatible for Macintosh and PC
  • 3 reading modes : automatic measurements, single measurements and density measurements

Technical data

  • Measuring speed: 10min. for 1248 fields
  • Maximum measuring area: 290 x 200mm
  • Target thickness: max. 20mm
  • Smallest measuring step: 0,2mm
  • Measuring apertures : reflection and transmission, 2/6/8mm (switchable)
  • Interface: USB
  • Dimensions: 571 x 433 x 160mm (LxWxH)
  • Weigth: 11kg


  • Sample holder for different materials
  • UV-cut filter
  • Electrostatic sample holder
  • Polarization filter

System requirements

  • Microsoft Windows XP or later (32/64 bit)
  • Mac OS X 10.5 or later (Intel)
  • 256 MB RAM
TotalColor (Spectro LFP Series 3) OPEN BOX