FineEye Validation™ 250 Premium GRACoL

Validation proofing media provides users with simplified installation, improved productivity, increased profitability and ease of use - all with the consistency and reliability sealed by SWOP and GRACoL certification and the support of EFI and Chromaticity. EFI Validation media is the only media in the world to be both Gracol and Swop certified (by the IDEAlliance) with EFI Colorproof XF and Epson printers. All grades of EFI Validation media offer customers an unprecedented price/performance combination. While being priced competitively with stock medias, EFI Validation meets the industry's most stringent quality and consistency requirements.

EFI's Validation 250 Premium Satin is designed for use with Epson UltraChrome K3™ and similar ink sets. This media features a white point and gamut capacity specifically engineered to meet the requirements of high-end commercial proofing as defined by GRACoL® 7, the Graphic Communications Association graphics arts task force's newest guidelines for quality color printing.

White Point: 95.0 -0.5 -2.75 CIE L*a*b* D50/2°

Shade Guarantee: +/- 1.0 Δb*e variation batch to batch

Basis Weight: 250 grams/m2

Typical Gamut Volume: 1,318,904 measured by Monaco Gamut Viewer

Typical Minimum L*: 5.21 L*

Optical Brighteners: 1.00 Δb* non-UV to UV filtered measurement

Metamerism: 0.12 Δe max difference on magenta and white

FineEye Validation™ 250 Premium GRACoL