GMG ProofControl

Verify your proofs within seconds

GMG ProofControl guarantees reliable and complete quality control of digital color proofs based on a defined standard. This is the only way to ensure that the proof simulates the subsequent printing process as accurately as possible. Marginal anomalies and errors occurring on the proof printer can be detected early on.The proof is verified on the basis of incorporated target values from international industry standards, such as ISO Offset, ISO Newspaper, PSR Gravure (ECI), SWOP, GRACoL and 3DAP. There is also the option of customizing quality criteria.

GMG ProofControl Inline is an additional module for GMG ColorProof 5.2, allowing fully automated proofing and fast, error-free verification of contone proofs on Epson Stylus Pro printers with an integrated measuring device.

Your benefits
Conistent quality assurance leads to
• higher production reliability
• avoidance of customer complaints
• reliable and binding communication processes

Your options
You have several options so pay attention
• Standalone versions come with there own dongle and do not require you own ColorProof dongle
• Concurrent versions are licensed to your existing ColorProof dongle
• Bundles come with an i1 spectrophotometer (nonUV/no filter devices only) and a Zebra label printer
• ProofControl Inline options automates calibrations and verifications - for anyone using a built-in-spectro

GMG ProofControl