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Data drives profitable production in any industry, and printers can use it to take control of color and the bottom line. Analyze is a powerful tool that allows you to streamline G7 calibrations, capture detailed performance data, and anticipate issues before they start. The software enables you to implement process control, make continual performance improvements, and maximize profits. Analyze stops the guessing game by bringing color into the digital age. Take the wheel. Get SpotOn!


Simply eyeballing color doesn’t cut it anymore. In fact, it’s a recipe for disaster: lost time, lost customers, and lost profits. Pros know you can’t manage what you don’t measure. They collect data and use it to maximize color control.

G7® experts and in-house color gurus use Analyze to map device behavior, aid G7 calibration, and outperform the competition every day.


Analyze is an easy-to-use software tool with a powerful visual dashboard for tracking on-going device performance.  It gives you the control to match GRACoL®, SWOP®, and custom specs every day.


Dashboard for Easy Data Interpretation

Density Prediction

Import Measurements from Other Instruments

Standard and Custom Tolerances, References, and Control Strips

G7 Metrics

Measurement, Trend, and G7 Qualification Reports

Client/Server Architecture


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SpotOn! Analyze